WG 4 Mye-Dialogue

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The task of WG 4 is to coordinate and execute the communication, dissemination and outreach activities as well as identifying cross-sectional topics that require the participation of WG 1 - WG 3. To this end, WG 4 will execute “classical” dissemination strategies and channels (see below) to contact stakeholders, disseminate Action outcomes, and engage with the general public. In addition, WG 4 organises in-person workshops and virtual meetings to engage specifically with selected stakeholder groups in order to facilitate strong interaction on both research and development.

Working Group 4 has the following tasks:

  1. To identify stakeholders and interest groups clearly and specifically.
  2. Creation and maintenance of the Action website, ensuring the website is an up-to-date central communication tool publically sharing the latest presentations, findings, papers and other communications produced by the Action.
  3. Creation of information material for distribution by the Action members at different type of events to increase the number of ECIs and female researchers.
  4. To establish and maintain the Mye-InfoBank member directory online.
  5. To initiate and nurture contact with communication representatives of the industry, policy makers, clinicians and patient groups as well as within the Action’s network (at the COST Country and institutional level) in order to facilitate the achievement of Mye-InfoBank aims and exploitation of results.
  6. To maintain public awareness of the Action through (bundled) social networks.
  7. To enlist professional advice on and support for Action spin-offs (lab-to-market).

These tasks will be achieved through the following activities and networking tools:

  1. An in-depth stakeholder analysis and background search will be undertaken to define the pertinent target groups and contact persons.
  2. Implementation of a strong innovation strategy to guide and support Action spin-offs.
  3. Meeting with intellectual property (IP) experts from Mye-InfoBank member institutions in order to establish a framework and the criteria relevant for later exploitation of results.
  4. Formation of an IP committee that regularly oversees potential of Action outcomes for commercial exploitation.
  5. Workshop with venture patent attorneys, technology transfer officers, IP commercialisation experts to consult and guide Mye-InfoBank researchers on this topic.
  6. Workshop with regulatory experts to support WG 3 in setting up the framework for effective utilisation of existing biobanked samples for secondary use.
  7. Liaison with potential researchers from NNC and ITC countries.
  8. Dialogue with representatives from medical societies related to DACI covered by Mye-InfoBank.
  9. Support WG 2 in dialogue with companies potentially interested to develop biomarker kits commercially.
  10. Organise disease-specific virtual meetings between self-help groups and clinical experts in Mye-InfoBank.
  11. Serve as contact point and moderator between basic research scientists and stakeholders.
  12. Organise workshops on scientific writing with additional input from journalists.

Further, WG 4 will prepare project templates for internal communication and publications, coordination of outreach events for promoting Mye-InfoBank topics. Target audiences are those mentioned in Figure 1 as well as reaching out to wider audiences such as e.g. next-generation youth at high schools through participation in science festivals. This will be achieved by seeking direct contact with PR departments and communication officers of Mye-InfoBank member institutions and greater stakeholder network. In addition, a dedicated website and regular group-specific newsletters will be utilised.

Figure 1: Mye-InfoBank’s interactive structures

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