Mye-InfoBank's Budva Poster Session Winner - 1st Place

by SciComm

Kevin Mulder

Kevin Mulder, currently a PhD student at Paris Saclay in Paris, embarked on his academic training in the Netherlands, where he obtained both his Bachelor's and Master’s degrees. His path led him to the research unit U1015 under the guidance of Florent Ginhoux, where he commenced his doctoral studies. Focused on understanding the heterogeneity of mononuclear phagocytes, Kevin's research journey has been marked by significant milestones.

His exploration began with an investigation into the diversity of monocytes and macrophages in various health and disease contexts during his PhD tenure, culminating in his inaugural publication as a first author in Immunity. Nevertheless, Kevin's pursuit of comprehension didn't end there. With the advent of spatial omics techniques, he delved into incorporating spatial dimensions into his research.

In a collaborative effort with Quentin Blampey from the Mathematics and Computer Science department of CentraleSupélec, Kevin ventured into spatial transcriptomics. Together, they developed an analytical tool tailored for spatial omics analysis aimed at expediting the interpretation of complex data. Leveraging his newfound expertise, Kevin showcased the utility of this tool in accelerating the efforts in both Mye-InfoBank's working groups 1 & 3.

Through his academic journey which has been characterised by determination and collaboration, Kevin has not only expanded the horizons of knowledge regarding mononuclear phagocytes but has also contributed significantly to advancing the comprehension of spatial omics analysis.

Kevin Mulder's Poster Abstract: Sopa: a technology-invariant pipeline for analyses of image-based spatial-omics

Photo: © Kevin Mulder/Mye-InfoBank 2024

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