Mye-InfoBank's first Young Researcher Conference

by SciComm

COST Action Mye-InfoBank's first virtual Young Researcher Conference on neutrophil biology and big data in the tumor microenvironment was a resounding success. Excellent cutting-edge talks were given by the speakers, Mathias Schmidt, Francisca Hofmann Vega, Hamdullah Yanik, Duygu Keremitçi, Kevin Mulder and Ebru Kocakaya, generating interest and engaged discussion from participants based in 18 countries - a very international event indeed!

SAVE-THE-DATE: The next YRC is scheduled for 14 January 2025

Hosts: Jan Aleksander Kraśko and Thibault Hirsch

Format: Virtual, 6 x (20 min talk + 10 min discussion)

Audience: Any interested young researchers either from within or external to our COST Action



Neutrophil biology  
Mathias Schmidt Spatial analysis of myeloid cells in tumors: from technical challenges to scientific insight
Francisca Hofmann Vega Modulation of tumor-neutrophils interaction by the microbiota in oral cancer
Hamdullah Yanik Molecular and functional analysis of neutrophil subpopulations of different density in colorectal cancer
15 min break  
Big data: tumor microenvironment  
Duygu Keremitçi Hierarchical classification for identifying macrophage subtypes in lung cancer tumor microenvironment with pseudo-bulking approach
Kevin Mulder Integrative analysis of mononuclear phagocytes across tissues : a multifaceted approach
Ebru Kocakaya Identification of potential target antigens for CAR T-cell therapy against lung cancer using scRNA-seq and pseudo bulk analysis


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