Workshop on the analysis and integration of scRNA-seq datasets

by SciComm

Photo: © Mye-InfoBank/Ebru Kocakaya

Hilal Kazan and Cesim Erten et al., the hosts of this workshop in Belek, Turkey, gave an overview of scRNA-seq data analysis steps such as quality control, preprocessing, normalization, cell annotation. They then moved on to the task of integrating multiple scRNA-seq datasets where they first show variations caused by batch effects or variations caused by biological factors. A further overview of existing scRNA-seq integration methods was given and an evaluation was provided where their advantages/disadvantages were explained thoroughly. A hands-on application to show how multiple scRNA-seq datasets can be integrated was provided for a few selected integration methods.

A few words about the scRNAseq workshop from a participant's perspective: "I have followed lots of lectures about scRNAseq and it has always been hard for me to understand such a complicated related topic," said Sapir Levin. "I was surprised to learn so much from the lecturers here, it was all so well explained!!! Both the theoretical and hands-on sessions were very clear, and the presenters invested a lot of time in ensuring it was as perfect as it was. A big thanks to the presenters and organizers!"

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