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Internal Scientific Monitor: Annabel Valledor

Annabel Valledor studied Biology at the University of Barcelona (Spain), culminating in a Master’s degree in Immunology. She then continued her graduate studies researching signal transduction pathways in macrophages exposed to inflammatory stimuli and growth factors. She defended her PhD in Biology in 1998 at the University of Barcelona. She moved to San Diego, California (USA) in 1999 to conduct post-doctoral research in the field of nuclear receptors and macrophage biology. In 2004 she returned to Spain as a Ramon y Cajal researcher at the Barcelona Science Park and in 2006 she secured a permanent position as an Associate Professor of Immunology at the University of Barcelona. Currently, her research team is focused on the transcriptional control of immune responses by nuclear receptors in three main contexts: infection, metabolic disease and cancer.

This is Annabel’s second COST Action, as she was involved as the Vice-Chair in the Mye-EUNITER Action (2014 - 2018). Recently, she has been appointed as Mye-InfoBank’s Internal Scientific Monitor to support the MC and WGs in managing, coordinating and implementing the complex parallel activities of this Action.

Responding to her nomination, Annabel feels well-equipped to meet the challenges. “A key hobby of mine is orienteering in the woods. Coordinating parallel activities to achieve common goals motivates me and, on numerous occasions, my colleagues have counted on me as the coordinator of events organized by our orienteering club. I now have a similar role in Mye-InfoBank’s core group and I am delighted to carry out this task, thus supporting our COST Action in realizing its overarching scientific objectives."

Photo: © Annabel Valledor/Mye-InfoBank

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