Successful Hybrid Kick-Off Meeting and Workshop, Lisbon

by serviceadmin

Photo: © Mye-InfoBank 2022

Despite the challenges of planning a partially physical meeting during a pandemic, Mye-InfoBank was able to host a successful hybrid kick-off meeting and workshop in Lisbon in February 2022. The event started with a tightly-clocked introductory round where keynote speakers were invited to highlight important concepts, challenges and technologies with relevance to the Action, covering the fields of Mye (myeloid immunology), Info (omics, data, computational biology), and Bank (biobanking and disease) as well as give some insight into the WG 4 topics of dissemination and stakeholder involvement.

The following day all participants split up into parallel working group sessions for the morning with each WG producing a focused roadmap for their upcoming activities. The afternoon was spent together sharing feedback and conclusions from the parallel WG meetings with each other, reaching consensus on finding a common language and inter-WG communication, defining and planning future training schools as well as the research agenda for the next twelve months.

Young researchers were the focus of the Mye + Info + Bank virtual workshop held on the morning of 18.02.2022. Here, the young scientists were given a brief overview of the COST funding tools of particular interest to them by the Grant Awarding Coordinator, Annika Malin Bruger, before diving into basic talks given by experts in each of the Action's fields in translational research. Rounding the session off, a couple of young researchers were invited to share presentations of their projects with the participants.

The three-day event ended off with a meeting of the Management Committee where all items on the agenda were discussed ensuring that all members were up to date on Action matters.

Mye-InfoBank is indebted to the dedicated local organiser team comprising of Ana Espada de Sousa, Karine Marie Serre and Natacha Gonçalves Sousa for hosting this challenging hybrid meeting, with Gonçalo Martins Farinha de Figueiredo Ribeiro offering highly appreciated IT support on site.


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