STSM on the standardization of staining protocols for tissue neutrophils

by SciComm

Photo collage: © Mye-InfoBank 2023

During this multicenter collaboration hosted by Caroline Bouzin at the Université catholique de Louvain in Brussels, Belgium, the specificity and signal-to-noise ratio of six chosen antibodies were first checked using chromogenic immunohistochemistry on six different disease samples at pre-tested dilutions. The slides were then scanned and examined. In order to fine the best position of each antibody during sequential staining cycles, each antibody was then tested and scanned after 1 to 5 cycles of antigen retrieval.

The participants received practical training for IHC-DAB and IHF-TSA on FFPE sections, and optimal positions were identified for the tested antibodies.

With work ongoing to resolve a couple of technical issues that came up during the STSM, the networking within this motivated working group remains very high. As Mathias Schmidt from the University Hospital Essen, Germany, commented, "It was an inspired collaborative group, expertly hosted and led by Caroline Bouzin, and resulted in excellent scientific exchange! Great job to IREC!"

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