STSM on the immunostaining of tissue-infiltrating dendritic cells (DC)

by SciComm

Photo collage: © Mye-InfoBank 2023

This STSM focused on the standardization of staining protocols to enable dendritic cell (DC) identification in chronically inflamed and neoplastic tissues. It contributed to the objectives of Working Group 2 (WG 2) to validate and standardize staining protocols for myeloid-related biomarkers. The IHC staining procedure for a panel of 4-6 candidate markers to identify dendritic cells (DC) was tested by the participating researchers from around Europe.

Candidate biomarkers (DC and TLS markers) were selected based on the expertise of the participants complemented by analysis of available literature. The aim was to set the optimal IHC conditions for their analysis in FFPE specimens from inflammatory disease and cancer and to establish the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their evaluation in DACI.

Hosted by Aedin Culhane, Paul Murray and Eanna Fennell at the University of Limerick, Ireland, the successful STSM was co-organised by Biljana Bufan (Serbia), Catarina Almeida (Portugal) and Gosse Adema (Netherlands).

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