Young Researcher Spotlight #7

by SciComm

Nico Trummer

Nico Trummer is currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree at the Technical University of Munich where his academic journey has been guided by a profound interest in computational biology and bioinformatics. Throughout his studies, Nico has been actively involved in the group “Data Science in Systems Biomedicine” led by Markus List. He has been participating in the development of several tools focused on gene regulation and single-cell transcriptomics, showcasing his dedication to advancing cutting-edge research methodologies. His ongoing thesis delves into the intricate role of circular RNAs (circRNAs) in breast cancer, aiming to unravel novel insights into disease mechanisms.

Nico has made significant contributions to Mye-InfoBank's work through the development of the SIMBA pipeline. This innovative tool streamlines the integration of diverse single-cell RNA-seq datasets, culminating in comprehensive atlases optimized for interactive visualization with CELLxGENE, a resource simplifying the aggregation of cell-type knowledge provided by experts.

Embracing his first participation in a COST Action, Nico is an integral member of the Mye-Matrix working group within Mye-InfoBank. Here, he enthusiastically applies his computational experience to tackle complex challenges, further solidifying his commitment to advancing the field of computational biology within the international research community.

Photo: © Nico Trummer/Mye-InfoBank 2024

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