Mid-term WG 1/WG 2 joint research coordination meeting and data analysis

by SciComm

Photo: © Joanna Cichy/Mye-InfoBank 2023

A main goal of MyeInfoBank's recent meeting at Jagiellonian University in Krakow was to better integrate the efforts of the COST Action's bioinformaticians, immunologists and clinicians to fine-tune tools (scRNA-seq-based myeloid cell focused atlases) and a pipeline for retrieving, testing and curating complex molecular data on myeloid cell profiles across different types of cancers and autoimmune diseases (DACI). This small meeting included WG 1, WG 2 and WG 3 participants from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Türkiye and United Kingdom. Also discussed were the means to explore sets of markers identified by collaborative WG1-WG2-WG3 efforts in multiplexing approaches, multiplex immunofluorescence, CyTOF, and flow cytometry. Hosts were Joanna Cichy, Ewa Oleszycka, Kamila Kwiecien and Michelle Camacho Araque.

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