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Photo: © Mye-InfoBank 2022

How rapidly can Mye-InfoBank now progress in its aim to define and understand the role of myeloid cells in DACI and their usage as markers and therapeutic targets? This was the central issue addressed by the international researchers at the two-day hybrid WG summit meeting hosted by Genyo in Granada at the end of September 2022. There was a distinct shift in the COST Action’s activities from the establishment phase towards the more focused phase of clearly-scheduled active scientific collaboration. The event kicked off with parallel working group sessions, each assessing the network’s identified common denominators up until now, and based on these, creating a work plan on how to proceed in each of the groups to reach and fulfil the Action’s overarching objectives.

In their hunt for omics conducted earlier this year WG 1 were able to define which diseases, cell types, data types, and databases should be concentrated on in the next stages. Tasks ahead include conducting analyses on single cell and bulk RNA sequencing in various types of cancer, IBD, and autoimmune diseases, and two STSMs specifically connected to this work plan were proposed for the near future.

WG 2 came to the realisation that to forge ahead with the multi-centre development of SOP-like protocols for the application of novel myeloid cell-associated biomarkers, a sub-division of the working group into cell type expertise was needed. The newly formed sub-groups include macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells.

A survey piloted by WG 3 on available sample collections gave rise to a clear cluster of diseases. Most respondents had proper biobanks at their institutions, i.e. harmonised collections etc. These were rich on healthy controls, some particular cancer types (breast, glioblastoma), as well as certain autoimmune diseases (IBD and RA). WG 3 identified that their efforts would depend on free samples, and on researchers who would invest in undertaking the analyses, the one group being COST Action members that have both collections and wet labs, the other being external resources based on collaboations with sample owners that are motived to perform analyses.

WG 4 highlighted the important issue of having IP agreements in place between all collaborating partners, and explained the process. Furthermore, to ease communication between the working groups, a new centralised e-mail has been created (, and a pipeline for SciComm releases has been designed. Members’ attention was drawn to Mye-InfoBank’s private data-sharing platform, and the request to acknowledge COST in every publication from now on. In addition, a plan to launch Mye-InfoBank journal club-like online meetings targeted at young researchers was drafted.

Photo: © Mye-InfoBank 2022

Meeting Hosts: Concepción Marañón Lizana and Jordi Muntane Relat

Location: Centro Pfizer – Junta de Andalucía de Genómica e Investigación Oncológica (GENYO), P. T. Ciencias de la Salud, Avda. de la Ilustración 114, 18016 Granada, Spain

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