STSM: Immunostaining of tissue-infiltrating dendritic cells (DC) to facilitate DC phenotypic and functional biomarker development in DACI

STSM CALL - Standardization of staining protocols for tissue dendritic cells (DC) - NOW CLOSED

Host Institution: University of Limerick, Ireland

Supervisor/Coordinator: Aedin Culhane

Instructors: Aedin Culhane, Paul Murray, Eanna Fennell

Timeframe: 27th to 30th June 2023

Attendees: On-site: 6x WG 2 members

Purpose: This STSM is focused on the standardization of staining protocols to enable dendritic cell (DC) identification in chronically inflamed and neoplastic tissues. It contributes to the objectives of Working Group 2 (WG2) to validate and standardize staining protocols for myeloid-related biomarkers. We will test the IHC staining procedure for a panel of 4-6 candidate markers to identify dendritic cells (DC).

The protocol will be extended to 2 panels of 6 candidate markers to locate both DC subsets and tertiary lymphoid structures (TLS). In the future, it is intended that these DC and TLS biomarker panels can be analyzed alongside mAb panels identifying macrophage and neutrophil subsets.

Tasks: Candidate biomarkers (DC and TLS markers) were selected based on the expertise of the participants complemented by analysis of available literature. We aim at setting the optimal IHC conditions for their analysis in FFPE specimens from inflammatory disease and cancer and to establish the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their evaluation in DACI.

Selection Criteria: WG 2 members: Expertise in myeloid cell immunology, with the ability to perform IHC procedures and assess the quality of cell specific staining.


  • Availability from June 27 at 10am until June 30 at 5pm.
  • Notebook / laptop
  • Primary antibodies to be included in the analysis

Expected Outcome: Based on our work during the STSM we are establishing standardized protocols for IHC analysis of DC subsets and TLS.

Application Deadline: 22nd May 2023

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